We catalyze local, sustainable solutions to the local water crisis; providing clean, safe water in the villages where people live. It's really that simple. 


Our Mission

We aim to put clean, safe water within reasonable access for every person in South Sudan.



Water is Basic is a borehole drilling organization in the Republic of South Sudan birthed and led by Sudanese religious leaders in response to the country’s water crisis. It is a Sudanese solution to a Sudanese problem.

WiB was Founded in 2006 after religious leaders from across all of Sudan came together with one goal, to help their people during the six-year Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The #1 goal from the gathering was to provide clean water as quickly as possible to as many people as possible.

We finished our first well in 2008 and since then have installed over 500 and restored over 350 more. Total investment has grown to over $7 million for equipment, local salaries, training, and supplies. Water is Basic was formed as a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization in 2012 to support these efforts in South Sudan.

Bishop Elias Taban, founder of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Sudan and a former Colonel in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, has led the movement since its inception. In 2013 Bishop Taban was honored for his leadership and commitment to the people of South Sudan with the Global Citizen of the Year Award, awarded annually by The Clinton Global Initiative.

Our vision is that every person in South Sudan has access to clean, safe water. To date, we have brought clean water to ten percent of the total population of South Sudan. 

We also share our experience and expertise in developing sustainable local solutions to local water problems with other organizations working in other African countries.

I simply do not know of a better investment for my giving dollars.
— Evan Shaver, Long Term Funder of Water Solutions

What We've Achieved

  • Launched indigenous water drilling organization in South Sudan in 2006.
  • Drilled more than 500 water wells in South Sudan.
  • Provided clean water for more than 1,000,000 South Sudanese.
  • Collaborated to bring water to IDP's in Burundi.
  • Brought water to the 30,000 people of Kibumba, DRC.
  • Produced award-winning documentary Ru: Water is Life. Shown film to public school audiences around the country.
  • Established the Carry the Jerry road race, raising awareness of the reality of carrying a full jerry can long distances. 
  • Employed more than 100 locals in our water solutions.