• We drill boreholes providing basic, clean, safe water to people in the bush and in the villages where they live. Its really that simple. This is a Sudanese solution to a Sudanese problem. 

  • Water is Basic is an indigenous borehole drilling company, dreamt up by Sudanese, run by Sudanese, staffed by Sudanese. Together with our  partners around the world we have provided water to 10% of the population of South Sudan. 

    • Yes We Are!

      Yes we are!

      Some of you have asked if we are still drilling given the recent turmoil in South Sudan.

      Our crews were off for their normal holiday visit back home to their families and villages but their time was extended for them to care for family members who fled to their homes. BUT THEY ARE BACK AT WORK NOW.

      On January 24th, about three weeks later than normal, both crews returned to work in IBBA and Mundri. We are working on completing 4 wells for CMS Ireland, another 7 wells for Fields of Life and 5 wells for NeverThirst, all of this on top of our regular work. The need for water remains as it was five and a half years ago, a basic necessity that is essential to the building of hope and a nation.

      I will be in South Sudan next week, along with Anna from our office. We are working on catching up on all that has happened in the last 6 weeks, seeing where our equipment and infrastructure must be improved and planning out the remainder of the year. You will all get a first hand update from the field.

      This week I met with the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) and shared a letter we received from the Government of South Sudan asking us to help provide water for the more than 800,000 people displaced over the last two months.

      Your Water is Basic is busier than ever. Thank you for sharing the word and our financial needs as our mission of helping the nation of South Sudan in their fight for clean water continues at a breakneck pace.

      More next week from South Sudan.

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