Ten-4-Ten Challenge



Our Ten-4-Ten Challenge is a quick and easy way for young adults, who are socially invested, to make a tangible and sustainable difference in the world in which they live. This group of young people is very connected and active through the various channels of social media, and that is the connection that makes the Ten-4-Ten Challenge so smooth and successful.


how to get your Ten-4-Ten challenge started

A Water IS BASIC team member will contact you and arrange to send your Ten-4-Ten Challenge link via email. Once received, download and print off your Ten-4-Ten Challenge forms and you’re ready to go.

Contact ten of your closest friends and ask them each to donate $10 to your Ten-4-Ten Challenge (it’s that easy).

Then ask your ten friends to invite ten of their friends to accept the challenge, and you all become part of our WATER WARRIORS team.

Once your challenge is complete, collect all the donations you received and send us a check in the envelope we provide you. Then celebrate - you are now WATER WARRIORS!