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Water is Basic Sawyer Campaign 2

Fighting in south sudan

The very fabric of society is upended by fighting which leads to general chaos, cholera, typhoid and constant sickness. We have labored for a decade to provide everyone in South Sudan with access to clean water. However, the current conflict and ensuing chaos means many are on the move. What they need is a portable water filter. 


While we continue our work of repairing boreholes in the midst of conflict, we also want to distribute small Sawyer filters that travel easily between villages, IDP and refugee camps. A portable filter can be used in any situation to filter the dirtiest of water. It is 99.999% effective against the bacteria that makes kids so sick. 

10,000 sawyer filters

Nothing will stop the sickness that comes from contaminated water faster than a Sawyer filter. Sawyer’s Hollow Fiber Membrane filters are small, very portable, reliable, inexpensive and can last a decade without needing a replacement. A mere $15.00 will provide a filter and the necessary training on how to use it. We plan to distribute 10,000 filters to 10,000 homes. Plus this is Africa, where everyone shares. One filter could actually produce enough clean water for up to five households. That is an incredible 50,000 homes! Just $150,000 will get the job done.

1 life saving filter

This new season of conflict has disrupted everything for the people of South Sudan. With the Sawyer Filter we can eliminate at least one source of sickness and despair.  Water is Basic, and we intend to make this a living reality regardless of the ongoing turmoil. One filter. One family. Hope in the midst of chaos. How many filters will you give to help us make this dream a reality?