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The fabric of society is upended by fighting, general chaos, cholera, typhoid and constant sickness. Due to these civil disagreements and the perfect storm of the forementioned illnesses from the depleting access to clean water, our organization has come up with an alternative solution to keep the Sudanese people with clean water despite the plight. 


While continuing our efforts of repairing boreholes in the midst of conflict, our solution will bring quicker resolve to the growing sickness due to contaminated water. Additionally, in the case of migrant villages looking for refuge and the inability to have access to clean water during exodus, they can now bring the clean water to them.

Water is Basic Sawyer Campaign 2

10,000 sawyer filters

Nothing will stop sickness from contaminated water faster than a Sawyer filter. Sawyer’s Hollow Fiber Membrane filters are small, easily portable, reliable, inexpensive and can last a decade without needing a replacement.A mere $15.00 will provide a filter and the necessary training on how to use it. At that rate, we plan to distribute 10,000 filters to 10,000 homes. 

1 life saving filter

Ethnic tensions boiling over in South Sudan has put a kink in the hose of clean water for the Sudanese people. With the Sawyer Filter we hope to put an end to the imminent sickness, at least from the cause of contaminated water. Water is Basic, and we intend to make this a living reality regardless of the ongoing turmoil. One filter. One family. Hope in the midst of chaos. How many filters will you give to help us make this dream a reality?