Who Should Try The Dip jar CHALLENGE?

Are you are a small business owner and you have a passion and desire to partner with WATER IS BASIC and help us bring clean water to thousands of men, women, and children in South Sudan, BUT… your daily routine is just so hectic you can't take time out to focus on an event?



Here’s how it works: We bring the DipJar to your location where you have maximum foot traffic. We set it up next to a poster that we will design specifically for your business that explains the process for donating, then you empower your staff to have fun with it and watch it bring in the cash. The DipJar is a small device that reads credit cards and processes a donation in about 5 seconds. The donor does not have to stop and fill out any tedious forms or give away any confidential information. NO email, NO phone number, NO addresses required. The donor merely inserts their credit card of choice into the slot, pulls it out, and the DipJar lights up signifying the transaction is complete. Five seconds is all it takes to complete their donation!

5 Easy steps to achieve your Dip Jar Challenge:

1. Fill out the DipJar Contact Form and submit it online.

2. A Water is Basic team member will contact you and arrange for the DipJar and support materials to be shipped (or brought) out to your location, and suggest several fun ways to get your staff engaged in the process (but not distracted from your customers).

3. Set your goal and use the thermometer poster we provide to track your results. Water is Basic will pre-set the donation amount ($5, $10, $20, etc.) based on your customer base and the analytics we have for optimum success. After a small amount of time, WATER IS BASIC can change the amount, remotely from our dashboard, if you determine that a different amount would be more effective.

4. We suggest having the DipJar Challenge in effect for no more than a two-week time frame, so be aggressive and make it fun.

5. Incentivise your staff and customers to participate! Create a challenge with your team (honor system) to see who is the DipJar champion promotor. Create some incentive/gift card for your customers to make them feel appreciated (you want return business - so create a gift card that encourages them to return to your business on another occasion).


Tip #1: The developers of DipJar have found out that competition creates success. Create a challenge amongst your staff and customers to keep the DipJar ‘fresh.'

Tip #2: Use social media to help promote your DipJar and invite others to be part of your challenge by creating special promo days. As an example, if you are a coffee shop, feature an African Roast for a week and promote it along with your DipJar Challenge: “$1 Drip with a Dip - Limited Time Only!”

Tip #3: Bring in some additional ‘props' (if you have space) and create an African themed table to set the DipJar and poster on (we can provide you with a jerry can for apparent appeal - but we need it back when your challenge is complete).

Tip #4: Let your staff and customers know you're passionate about this project by being a  Matching Donor (set a max amount you would match). When they understand your level of commitment, they will step up to meet your passion and donate more as a result.

Tip #5: Contact the local news outlets and tell them about your DipJar Challenge. Use our prepared Press Release and WATER WARRIOR Story to help promote your cause within your community.