Carry the Jerry is a fundraising event where a large group of people comes together for a time to celebrate their efforts to raise money for clean water initiatives with WATER IS BASIC (WiB). The walk is approximately 4 miles in length, similar to the average distance people in Africa will walk for their water. Spend any amount of time in Africa, and you begin to realize how prevalent the jerry can is; it’s everywhere! This is why we feature it so much at our events, including the CARRY THE JERRY walk.  

We call this event a walk that brings about experiential learning. We want participants of all ages to experience somehow what it would be like to have to get up every day, regardless of the weather, regardless of how well you feel, regardless of any other priority of life and to walk a long and often dangerous path, to a source of water. This water is often contaminated and can result in severe dehydration, illness, and often death in young children under the age of five.

When participants finish their walk, the words we like to hear the most are “WE HAD NO IDEA.” Most importantly, we want everyone attending to know how easy it is to solve this world crisis. When you donate money at a CARRY THE JERRY walk, you leave knowing with certainty that the money you raised will save lives. Every penny donated, every donation collected will go towards bringing life-sustaining clean water to thousands of men, women, and children in South Sudan.

Here’s how it works: We like to partner with individuals, schools, churches, and businesses who can rally a group of individuals together for a common cause. We provide multiple fundraising resources to the walk coordinator to distribute and have available for distribution to those interested in raising funds for the walk. We encourage participants to go out into their community and promote the event in as many creative ways as they possibly can. Then everyone comes together to drop off their donations, to learn more about the work that Water is Basic is involved in, and then to go out on their 4-mile walk to determine what it is like to WALK FOR WATER. It’s a fun, tiring, motivational, inspirational time to celebrate together that you have all worked hard for a common cause to bring clean water to a part of Africa that is desperate for hope as well as clean water. You finish the CARRY THE JERRY walk, and you officially become a team member of WATER IS BASIC’s WATER WARRIORS.



10 Easy steps to get your CARRY THE JERRY walk started:

1. Fill out the Carry The Jerry Contact Form and submit it online.

2. A WATER IS BASIC team member will contact you and visit about what you will need to do to make your walk a success. This conversation is very detailed, and we will provide a comprehensive list of materials you need for your walk.

3. Once you have received your CARRY THE JERRY marketing packet, it’s time to get started, so the first thing is to create your committee and get your volunteers lined up and ready to go. We go into detail with you regarding how many committee members and volunteers you need to be successful.

4. Secure the location and any permits necessary for your event. We work with you to choose the best place for your walk (parks are usually preferred, and most have a water source that you can incorporate into your walk).

5. Start promoting your event by using the various materials we provide for you in our marketing packet. Be creative, be bold - go everywhere and invite everyone to donate and be part of this community-wide event.

6. Use social media to set up individual fundraising pages and to help promote your event. Ask people to join your effort, support it, and donate to your event, both online or on the day of the event.

7. Contact local news outlets and have them be part of the event; offer to come to the radio and TV studios for an interview to help promote your walk.

8. Schedule a time for the staff at Water IS BASIC to come to speak to your church, school, business or group. We can arrange for a showing of our award-winning film, Ru: Water is Life and then discuss it in detail the day of the walk with everyone in attendance.

9. Make sure you are inviting all age groups to be part of the planning, fundraising, and celebration. Young children are our greatest fundraisers: hand them one of our coin jars and get out of the way! They are great! Give your high school students the Ten-4-Ten Challenge forms, and they get their part completed in a day… Challenge them to do more - it’s so easy! Have your senior citizens help out by applying the WATER IS BASIC WATER WARRIOR stickers to water bottles (generally donated by your local grocery chain or small business) to be used at the day of the walk.

10. Acquire donations from your local businesses. If they own a restaurant, ask them to donate a percentage of their proceeds from the day of the walk for everyone who comes in wearing our CARRY THE JERRY t-shirt. Be creative, and get your community involved; empower them to be part of the solution.

5 Tips to make your carry the jerry walk successful:

Tip#1: Make sure and create a committee of enthusiastic, like-minded volunteers who can share the responsibilities for making your walk successful.

Tip#2: Use all the marketing materials WiB provides you. They are proven to be effective and can more than triple your donations when used.

Tip#3: Get your community involved early in the planning process. Ask local business for monetary or product donations (they usually have a budget available for non-profits).

Tip#4: Contact the local news outlets (TV/Radio) and invite them to attend your event. Local TV stations often will ask a team representative to come to the studio to do a live interview during the morning or mid-day time slots.

Tip#5: Look for local corporations or businesses which offer to their employees a MATCHING DONATION.