Recycle That Old Change to Save Lives Now

Recycle That Old Change to Save Lives Now


Your chance to recycle with a purpose! It’s a fact that fewer and fewer people use coins anymore, and we end up with loose change floating all over our homes and vehicles. Now we give you an opportunity to turn all this useless small change into life transforming clean water.           

Our Coin Jars are the perfect vehicle to put into these young children’s hands and let them reach out confidently into their neighborhoods, and raise funds by simply to recycle folks change. Water is Basic will provide the Coin Jars (at no cost) for each student to use, with the accompanying materials that explains the process for donating their funds collected.      


information on how to get started with your coin jars

A Water IS BASIC team member will contact you and arrange for materials to be shipped out to your location, and suggest several fun ways to get your students or young children started on their campaign.

Get together as a group and determine what your $ goal should be for your challenge, and what time frame you want to do it in (we suggest between 4-6 weeks from beginning to end).

Take a few minutes and practice with the children their ‘elevator speeches’. Keep it simple and precise, something like: “Hi, I’m part of a team called the WATER WARRIORS and we are raising money to help drill clean water wells in Africa, do you have any small change you would like to recycle and help us reach our goal?”