Clean water = opportunity

“A pilot!” That’s what Sida exclaimed without hesitation when asked what she’d like to be one day. One has to wonder what Sida’s baby sister, Betty, (strapped to Sida’s back) will dream to be.

Ask any child around the world what they want to be when they grow up, and most will light up as they shout out similar answers: Doctor! Teacher! Singer! Pilot!

The dreams of children in South Sudan are no different, but they are harder to attain than most.

The first born in her family, Sida’s responsibility is to fetch water each day. It takes five jerry cans a day to meet the needs of her family. A full jerry can weighs an average of 42 pounds.

When asked how she manages to carry five jerry cans on her own, she said she carries two jerry cans 5 steps, puts them down, goes back to bring two more, and then returns for the 5th jerry can. Five steps at-a-time, over-and-over, every day. This was her routine for over a mile each day as she passed the broken well in her village to reach the closest working well.

Just across the street is Yei Vocational Training School. When there is access to clean water in her village, Sida has time to do her daily chores and attend school. A broken well in her village means there is no time for school for Sida.

Because of collaborative efforts between our donors and our hard-working local water team, the well in Sida’s community has been restored. Clean water is more than basic. It creates opportunities for children like Sida, and one day, even Betty, to receive an education and realizing their dreams.

This month we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary and bringing water over 1 million people. As we. As we gear up for another decade of service, we invite you to invest in the lives of people like Sida and Betty.

Through our #QUENCH campaign, we’re raising funds needed to refurbish and purchase equipment needed to enable us to bring clean water to the people of South Sudan for another decade.

If we raise $130,000 by July 28, 2018, we can continue repairing one well a day and get back to drilling new boreholes again.

You can be a part of the story. With your help, we can #QUENCH the thirst of the people of South Sudan for another decade to come.  

Your gift will ensure girls like Sida and Betty can attend school and achieve their dreams. Make your donation today!