Beauty & Possibility

One year ago today i sat on my porch in South Sudan as a new day dawned. It was a day that would see laughter, praise, quiet, suffering and an amazing sunset. It was another day in the civil war torn country of South Sudan a country in desperate need of so many things, one of which is basic, clean water.

One year later "peace" launched a new year with its own set of problems like a South Sudanese Pound that could by you a quarter 12 months ago but is only worth a nickel today. The oil is flowing again but prices are so low it actually costs SS to ship oil. Food is so scare 50% of the population would give anything to enjoy a meal everyday, now that would be a win.

These South Sudanese they are a resourceful, determined, faith filled bunch. You have to marvel at their "can do" in the face of hunger, disease, and so much flux. But they keep on keeping on...really just like the rest of us.

This year we will see new school buildings go up, roads get graded, doctors save lives, laws passed, marriages celebrated and yes hope rise up.

This year I will take another photo just like this from my front porch in Yei, marvel at the quiet and the beauty and then pull on my boots and get at it again. Yes Water is Basic will drill new wells and rehabilitate old ones....all year long. Because everyone needs the basics to take on a new year and the new vision that God has given. This year we are South Sudan just like everyone else. That is the beauty of new years....they are new and everything is possible