Raising Money for Water

Whether you are raising funds for a charity run for Water is Basic, or you just want to make a bigger difference in the lives of the people of South Sudan, there are countless creative ways you can fund raise- and have fun doing it! Here are a dozen of our favorite ways to change the world one well at a time:

1)     School & office candy sales

·  Many offices have a community candy jar with hard candies in them; place a candy jar with nice candies (Ghirardelli squares, Hersheys minis, etc) on your own desk with a sign charging $0.50-$1/candy to fund-raise for Water is Basic. Most coworkers will be generous .

·  Many teachers will allow candy in their classrooms when it is for a good cause.

2)     “Raffles”

·  As long as it’s not officially called a raffle, individuals can do “donate and be entered to win...” contests without registering anything official

·  You can ask local businesses to donate prizes

1.     Local gyms may donate 1 month or 10-session passes without having to sacrifice overhead

3)     Host a themed party

·  Either advertise a specific admission price or place a fishbowl at the front door; everyone likes an excuse to dress up for a party!

4)     Mile dedications

·  Offer an opportunity to friends, neighbors, and relatives to donate a lump sum for a mile of your run to be dedicated to a loved one, or to offer to donate a certain amount per mile ($10/mile if you run a 10k or similar)


·  People can only donate to your fund raising page if they know about it. Regularly post to social media sites not only about the race, but about Water is Basic. The more you know about where the money is going, the more money people will be willing to donate, and the more excited they will be to support you.

6)     Set an ambitious goal and advertise it

·  People love to be a part of accomplishing a goal. If you look at the success of Kickstarter or NPR, you see that when people are rooting for a certain goal to be achieved, they will go back several times to give more money to help that goal be accomplished

·  Post regular updates. Consider making a chart of some kind that can be filled in as the goal is approached. People will enjoy seeing the progress posted on social media and again be motivated to find more money to give in order to see the chart filled.

7)     Create a fun motivation for people to give, such as “I will shave off my beard if I raise $10,000” or if your workplace allows “I’m training every day for this race but I will not shower until I have raised $5,000 for this event” (your coworkers and family will reach the goal in record time!)

8)     Learn about Water is Basic and find something about the cause that you connect with. (For facts and information, check out our website at www.waterisbasic.org)

9)     Ask your employer if they will consider matching whatever money you raise.

10)  If you or someone you know earns tips, ask if they would be willing to donate a percentage of their tips for a day or a week to the cause. They may spread the word about your fundraiser to their patrons and earn extra tips on those days anyway!

11)  Ask local businesses to put coin jars for donations on their counters.

12)  Recruit others to spend a Saturday morning beautifying a neighborhood together. Advertise in the neighborhood beforehand explaining that you’ll be doing the work for donations.

What’s the best fund-raiser you’ve ever done? Share it in the comments!