Our Hometown


Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about it, Thornton Wilder wrote a play about it. Miranda Lambert has a hit song about it.

 Our hometown.

It's where we're from.

It's where we learned who we were and who we were not.

It's where our dreams first took shape. 

Whether we still live there, visit from time to time, or if our hometown only survives in our hearts and minds, where we are from has a powerful pull on our lives. 

 I just returned from mine. That's the Little League field where I did not become an all-star and where the field and the hotdogs are just as good as they were 45 years ago!

 A while back, Archbishop Elias Taban and I spent a day visiting his hometown. We grabbed a picture together with Lujulo Mountain in the background.

Lujulo Mountain

Lujulo Mountain

We visited local leaders, laughed with old friends, and scooped up the darkest, sweetest honeycomb you have ever tasted. We ate ourselves sick. It was a special day for him to be with his people, and for me to experience the place where my friend grew up. 

 We have not been back since. The recent conflict has kept us away while the people have been on the run. However, the Water is Basic Crew has just returned from a week in Lujulu County, where they have repaired ten boreholes. With every repaired well pumping clean water, it was if we were saying, "Come Home! Find yourselves again, rebuild and restart on the land that built you".

 Our work is simple, and it's profound. We continue to be faithful in the same direction —clean water for the people of South Sudan. 

 Will you give clean water for more hometowns now? Let's bring them home.


Thank you

Steve Roese

President & Co-Founder