Proud to Carry Your Bags

On June 22, we descended upon Yei with the largest group yet.

This was history in the making, but not because of the size of the group... 

When South Sudan became its own nation on July 9, 2011, the movement of people and money pouring into the newest nation on earth was unprecedented. Everyone wanted to be part of nation-building - constructing schools, roads, hospitals - all the ingredients for a productive, prosperous country. 

However, when the civil war broke out in December of 2013, it created a reverse process. Money, people, and ideas exited the country along with 1,000,000 refugees. 

What remained were those who were determined to hold high the flag of freedom and independence, the patriots who refused to let the vision of a free and independent South Sudan die. These are the weary, faithful, founding fathers and mothers of this new nation. 

These same local leaders earnestly waited for our group of 13 to land so they could welcome new ideas and energy into their homeland. This historic group included award-winning filmmakers eager to capture this critical story, world-leading visionaries piloting new technology for clean water in the newest country on earth, and trainers longing to see trauma diminished and hope elevated in the hearts and minds of people who have suffered long enough.

This was historic because the flow has been reversed from out to in, by not only the faithful but new partners as well. At Water is Basic, we are are able to use our long term investment in water in South Sudan to facilitate these relationships. While returnees are carrying jerry cans filled with clean water, we are carrying the bags of new partners filled with hope and renewed energy.

Today, five days after we celebrated the 243rd anniversary of the birth of the Great American Experiment, South Sudan celebrates its 8th year of independence. 

Thank you for standing up for this great nation. Thank you for making water available. Thank you for opening doors for us to carry the bags of new and vital partners. 

On this auspicious occasion, will you make a special gift to our work in South Sudan? We are raising an additional $30,000 this summer to make that extra push for water before the heavy rains of August.

Let’s celebrate! Give water now.

Bondh E Shams -  The Solar Water Project  Team

Bondh E Shams - The Solar Water Project Team

The Bricks  Film Crew

The Bricks Film Crew