How Would You Describe Moses' Smile?

"What word comes to mind when you see Moses' face?" 

"Happy," my 11-year-old replied as we enjoyed the recent photos from South Sudan. My 14-year-old said, "joyful."

Happy and joyful are words that come to mind as I see my children bouncing around in an inner-tube tied to the back of a boat. Or when we cool down in the pool with popsicles and icy-cold lemonade before cooking out with our family and friends.

Happy and joyful are not the words you would think to describe a man working in the heat 6 days a week, mud flecks on his face in a land fresh out of a 5-year civil war.

But Moses' sincere smile says it all. A peaceful calm exudes from his eyes just like so many others we know and love in South Sudan.

Moses is a founding WiB well technician who walks 4 miles every day to work. You will never catch him without a smile broader than the smiles on the faces of my children.

He was there when the first well was drilled before South Sudan was a nation. He stayed during the civil war, and now, in peace, Moses and the WiB crew are bringing clean water to communities that no one has been able to reach since before the war.

Moses loves his job, as does the rest of the team. 

Many of you have reached deep and have given extra this summer. We have raised $25,597 towards our #SUMMERTIME goal!

As you enjoy the last weeks of summer, will you continue to encourage our team and fund this valuable work? Let's keep making smiles happen here and in villages all across South Sudan.

On behalf of Moses and the team…Thank you!

Carrie Ward, Executive Director