Thank you Gregg Murry and Amy Goddard

Building an organization that encourages, funds and releases power to a local team, takes good, faithful friends. 

On September 27th the board of directors of @waterisbasic said goodbye to Gregg Murry and Amy Goddard, two founding board members who have been my friends, friends of South Sudan and passionate water warriors for more than a decade. We have a policy of rotating off the board after 6 years and it is always a deeply grateful and sad experience to do so with founding board members.


These are folks who rolled up their sleeves as we took a ministry birthed and funded by the people of @irvingbiblechurch and formed a 501c3. Gregg and Amy helped organize 5Ks, events, used their connections in their businesses and have given personally helping us grow from a $300,000 organization to a $1,000,000 organization with more than 1,000 water projects completed in South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. 

So as we envision the next decade of our work and eventually clean water for all in South Sudan, I want to take a moment to thank Gregg Murry and Amy Goddard for your time, your resources, your care and prayer, and ever faithful love for the people of South Sudan. 

Personally, I want to thank you both for encouraging me, cheering me on, never giving up faith in this vision and my ability to make it work. Your efforts will continue to save and change lives for years! It has mine.