Kembe II

Charity Night is a single mother with 8 children who currently lives in Kembe II Community along with others who are internally displaced. She left her village of Spoiri at the beginning of 2017 during the civil war.

While she found shelter during that time, the water from the old well was corroded with rust. She could not afford to pay the fees at the neighboring borehole and resorted to fetching water from a nearby stream.

Currently, Charity farms a small abandoned plot of land to raise money for the family's basic needs and school fees for her children. The original owners fled to Uganda during the conflict.

Thanks to the generosity of partners and faithful donors, on January 18, the restored well opened for the community member of Kembe II to use.

Because all of the original members of the well committee fled during the war, a new committee is being formed with Charity as one of the members. She is proud to do her part on the team to ensure that the well is properly maintained to serve the community long-term.

With the message of peace spreading, Charity anticipates many more returnees to the community. She expressed heartfelt gratitude for the improved health her family will experience as a result of clean water and relief that she will now be able to fill the 12 jerry cans needed for her family with clean, fresh water every day without worry or struggle.

Thank you for giving the very basics of clean water to Charity Night and families in her community.