10 Years, 3,650 days, 800 water points, the thirst of 1,000,000 people quenched. 

That’s one million stories of love, bruised knees, braided hair, final exams, laughter and weeping, new birth and final days. Water is basic, but water is so much more. 

As we approach our 10-year anniversary, we’re not just celebrating the first borehole we drilled in July 2008. We’re celebrating the resilience of the people of South Sudan. People like Rose.

When I first met Rose Tabu, she was standing next to the well in Amir Community with Blessing, her 18-month old baby on her hip. Her gaze was firm, and I knew, like all moms in South Sudan, she had a story to tell. 

“I walked four days with my baby to arrive at this safe place,” she finally said.

Rose is internally displaced. When her village was raided, she was forced to flee with nothing but her baby on her back. Four days later she arrived at the Amir Community well, traumatized, exhausted, and thirsty. 

Rose and her baby were among the first to arrive at this well. But that changed quickly, as people on the run are drawn to safe water points. 

Now an estimated 3,600 people use this well daily. 

Like Rose, most everyone in South Sudan has experienced trauma. They are tired but hopeful. Once their most basic human needs are met, like the need for water, they can begin to heal and rebuild their lives.

The need for clean water in South Sudan is rapidly increasing as internally displaced people and refugees return to their villages.

Our local team is able and ready to restore at least one well a day. But 10 years of drilling boreholes and restoring wells has taken a toll on our equipment.

As we gear up for another decade of service, we invite you to invest in the lives of people like Rose and her baby by making a contribution to our #Quench Campaign. 

All money raised through #Quench will go toward refurbishing and purchasing equipment needed to continue drilling boreholes and restoring wells. 

Will you help us continue quenching the thirst of people like Rose so they can start rebuilding their lives and rewriting their futures?

If we can raise $130,000 by July 28, 2018, we can repair one well a day, bringing clean water to hundreds of thousands of victims of war and conflict. 

With your help, we know we can reach our goal. It’s that simple.

Please, help us #Quench the thirst of the people of South Sudan for another decade by making your donation today.