Home at Last!

Are you heading home this holiday season? For me, nothing compares to spending the holidays with friends and family. 

We have a tight-knit, rowdy family that knows how to celebrate. When we get together, we stuff ourselves with turkey, play heated games of cards, and take over the town with our city-wide scavenger hunt. 

I love being home for the holidays. But to be perfectly honest, for the last five years, I’ve had conflicting feelings about it. How could I enjoy myself when so many victims of war in South Sudan were stuck in refugee camps, separated from family, and struggling every day just to survive? 

This year, however, I have every reason to celebrate. And so do you! With a 5-year civil war now behind them, the people of South Sudan are returning to their homes. Once again, after so much time away, they’ll have the chance to celebrate the holidays in their homes and villages. 

Joy is alone in raising her 7 children but she is determined. Clean water sure makes a difference.

Joy is alone in raising her 7 children but she is determined. Clean water sure makes a difference.

People like Joy. 

Joy and her children are rebuilding their lives in the village of Wuluturu. When they first arrived, the well was 

broken. They spent hours fetching water from the Yei River every day. 

Thanks to your support, our local team was able to repair that well. Now, Joy and hundreds of other community members can collect clean water right from the heart of their village. 

As Joy and people like her begin to rebuild their lives, the demand for clean water is increasing. 

Water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Water for making bricks to rebuild homes, schools, and hospitals. Water to plant and irrigate crops. Water to turn ghost towns into vibrant communities where businesses, farms, churches, and families can flourish. 

This month, through our Home at Last campaign, we aim to raise $140,000 by Dec. 31 so we can get a jump start on our goal of restoring 300 wells in 2019. 

You can help rebuild lives in South Sudan by making your year-end gift to Water is Basic today. 

The people of South Sudan need clean water now more than ever. With your help, we can give it to them. 

Thank you for your continued support. Till they’re all home at last, 

Steve Roese Founder 

P.S. Every donation impacts a life in South Sudan. Give the life-giving gift of water today.