Do you believe? Here is why you should.

Sometimes things happen so fast we don’t have time to stop and appreciate their significance. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our work we can’t see the forest through the trees; we’re so focused on our mission we miss the impossible taking place right before our eyes.

The Water is Basic crew rehabilitating another well in early November

The Water is Basic crew rehabilitating another well in early November

So today, I want to stop and take a moment to reflect on the great things Water is Basic experienced in 2018, thanks to your continued care and support for the people of South Sudan.

Today, we’re celebrating you and the miracles you helped create this year, including: 

  • One decade of drilling wells in South Sudan!

  • The facilitation of a peace treaty in South Sudan!

  • The purchase of badly-needed new equipment to enable us to continue bringing water to the people of S. Sudan

  • The rehabilitation of our two rigs so we can drill new wells for another decade.

  • The restoration of hundreds of wells right through the conflict!

  • Our first significant funding from a large NGO.

  • New crew members so we can now deploy two crews at a time.

You know who this really matters to, it matters to Emmanuel.


While spreading cement with one hand and an iPad in the other, “Emmy” is one of 10 crew members working tirelessly to bring clean water to his people. 

With thousands of refugees coming HOME AT LAST, Emmy and the rest of our team are gearing up for their busiest year yet. In 2019, to satisfy the needs of those returning to South Sudan after 5+ years away, we need to rehab 300 wells and drill dozens of new ones

This next year is going to be a banner year, but we need to raise $140,000 by Dec. 31, to kick the year off running.  

Thanks to the generosity of many, we raised $20,000 on Giving Tuesday -- that’s twice the amount we had hoped for. But we still need to raise $120,000 in the next 27 days to achieve our year-end goal. That’s a lot, but with your support, we know we can do it. The impossible is becoming more common around here.

Would you help Emmy and our team continue bringing clean water to the people of South Sudan by making your year-end gift to our HOME AT LAST campaign today? 

You can make the impossible happen this holiday season with the gift of clean water. Clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, irrigating crops, building bricks, and so much more.

With your support, we can make the impossible” happen. We can help Emmy and the entire Water is Basic crew, rebuild this nation, one well at a time. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Until they’re all HOME AT LAST,

The entire Water is Basic team,

 P.S. Help refugees coming HOME AT LAST rebuild their lives with the gift of clean water. Make your donation today