Joyce is #HomeAtLast

Joyce with her youngest daughter.

Joyce with her youngest daughter.

Thanksgiving is upon us and we have so much to be grateful for! Having just traveled to South Sudan, I’m thankful the country is finally experiencing long-awaited peace. I’m thankful that thousands of refugees and displaced families who were forced to flee years ago are finally able to come home. I’m thankful for our tireless and courageous crew. And I’m especially grateful to people like you.

Thanks to our amazing community of supporters and people like you, Water is Basic is able to ensure that people like Joyce have access to clean water when they finally make it home. Home at last.

Joyce with her four new jerry cans

Joyce with her four new jerry cans

Joyce and her 7 children were forced to flee the violence in South Sudan several years ago with nothing but the clothes on their backs. She and her husband were separated during the chaos of the war. Having spent many years in a refugee camp, she was eager to come home and find her husband when the fighting stopped.

She and her children recently made the long journey home. While her husband is still nowhere to be found, Joyce is determined to rebuild her life and the lives of her children. When our team found Joyce living in an abandoned house, all she asked for was a few Jerry cans to collect water. Water for drinking. Water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Water for making bricks to build a new home. Water to plant and irrigate crops.

Fortunately, we had recently restored the well in Joyce’s village. Joyce and her family are among the lucky ones.

Unfortunately, many wells in many communities throughout the country are in urgent need of repair after years of neglect and destruction.

Our local team faces the challenge of bringing clean water to thousands of returnees, just like Joyce. And, as one of the few water NGO’s remaining in South Sudan, the need and the burden are heavier than we have ever felt.

That’s why we’re launching our new campaign, #Homeatlast, next week on #GivingTuesday (Tues., Nov. 27). Our goal is to raise $140,000 by Dec. 31 so we can start the new year strong and meet the growing demand for water in South Sudan as people return home.

You can help restore and rebuild lives in South Sudan by making your year-end gift to Water is Basic today. The people of South Sudan need clean water now more than ever. With your help, we will bring it to them.

Thank you for your continued support.

Till they are all home at last,

Steve Roese


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