WiB Super Bowl Challenge

Americans will devour 1.3 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl 50 this upcoming Sunday.  Nearly $15 billion will be spent on parties, 4.5 billion will be wagered and 8.7 million new TVs have been purchased!  Here's even bigger news:  A mere $1200restores a water well in South Sudan, potentially meeting the water needs of hundred's of women, men, and children. 

A well restoration eradicates a multitude of illnesses that take countless lives, so just for kicks, we did the math.  1.3 billion wings at 50 cents per wing would provide the funds necessary to restore half a million water wells.  We don't want to throw a wet blanket on a great day, but think about this:  One hundredth of the funds spent on chicken wings this weekend would provide the funds necessary to restore 5,416 wells.  5,416 wells would meet the water needs of ALL the mothers, fathers, and children, currently in a struggle for survival in South Sudan.  You get the idea.  Water problem solved. 

Here's a Super Bowl challenge: send us 50 cents for every wing you eat (Post a pic at #wings2water or on Facebook) or contribute half of your planned wager or party budget to Water is Basic, and we'll immediately put it to work on the ground in South Sudan.  It's the dry season, and our teams are going full bore restoring wells and restoring lives. 

If you don't bet, give anyway. Throwing a party? Ask your guests to throw $5 into the pot and see how many lives you can touch while enjoying those great commercials. The stakes are high.  Make it a day of super magnitude for our brothers and sisters across the globe, eat as many wings as you can and enjoy the game. 

Thank you for your generosity, it's a life saver