Lokel Yokels

For generations we have used the term “Local Yokel” to disparage the one who has stayed close to home, hands deep in hard work, untraveled, a “Local Yokel”. However I find it interesting that whenever tough times come, when life takes a turn for the worse in a community it is the Local Yokel who turns up ready to serve, who has ideas on turning things around, who is fully prepared to link arms on behalf of the community.

We see it when forest fires rage out of control, when flood waters rise or when miners are stuck far beneath the earth’s surface.

When the dream of drilling for water was birthed inside the weathered hearts and minds of Local Yokels in South Sudan, many said they could never accomplish what they dreamed of. Imagine three generations of war torn, malnourished, up rooted, uneducated South Sudanese developing and leading their own water organization with a goal of giving everyone in their country clean water?

Preposterous, certifiable, irresponsible!


We drilled our first borehole in July of 2008 and quickly expanded our territory as we mastered logistics and reporting. I wish we could tell you we have solved the problem but it would be untrue.

In spite of our efforts and the efforts of so many others the needs have never been higher as half the population faces severe hunger, millions are displaced and peace is a mirage in this parched desert of reasonable leaders. Some organizations have given up but not these Local Yokels! This is home and since they have seen hard times before they are not deterred. We are received well reports every week even as South Sudan seems to be spinning out of control.

I am pleading with you to request the report we just received. Look into the faces and listen to their pleas. Know that this is a country that has prayed for years to one day join the Third World and now because of egos, greed and hatred they are moving even deeper into a place known by few countries in our world. Inflation is rampant, food is scarce, sickness a constant burden and water hard to find.

Our web site says we are empowering the world in the fight for clean water; maybe we should change that to Empowering People, Families, Hopes and Dreams through the “fight for clean water”.

Right now we are doing everything we can to raise as many funds as we can. We can restore a well every day and soon with our new Land Cruisers, we can double that output…. all we need is you and your sphere of influence to stay in the game with these LOCAL YOKELS and us!