$3.75 Saves a Life IN South Sudan


1) It takes $3.75 to give one person clean water in South Sudan

2) Things are really bad for half of the population there right now

3) 4,000,000 people are about to experience severe hunger

4) 1,300,000 are displaced

5) Typhoid and cholera are killing children




You can give $3.75/month and save a life every month.

BUT...that is just a drop in the bucket, right?


You could get your friends and family to give $3.75 a month...and now you are really doing something. Get 29 folks to commit and you are responsible for someone getting water every single day!


EVEN BETTER: Everyone who commits to give monthly will be eligible to win 2 free round-trip Southwest Airlines tickets to anywhere they fly.


BETTER YET: You can create your own giving page as an individual or as an organization.


EVEN BETTER YET: The person who raises up the most people wins a free all expense paid trip to South Sudan to meet the people they have partnered with.


We are all tired of the big problems in the world. Only when we work together, everyone doing what they can, will we make difference.

Find out more by texting WATER to 71777.