We Don't Give up


How do you describe it?

That feeling of being with a team you have been working with for over a decade is magical. Watching the WiB crew rehab a well is like watching synchronized swimming, except for the fact that one mistake here can set you back a week (or take off a finger). Day in and day out these guys survey, listen to pleading mothers, wait on funding... and then get to work fast.

Another Well Rehabilitated by the WiB Crew

Another Well Rehabilitated by the WiB Crew

But what made this last trip so magical went beyond our routine work. You see, this time I traveled with Carrie Ward who joined us in April of last year and Doug Fair who joined us full-time this April.

Carrie does impressive work connecting with potential funders and following up with current donors, along with managing all of our social media. Doug is new but brings years of experience catalyzing walks that have generated millions of dollars for clean water. I love seeing these guys fall in love with our South Sudanese partners and vision.

Carrie and Doug with The WiB Crew

Carrie and Doug with The WiB Crew

Missing was Abbey Daniels back in Houston, caring for her little ones and overseeing our biennial audit.

We met with Ambassadors, flew in a contingent from Rumbek to hammer out peace in West Lakes State, and helped launch a business training program for women, and along with our local team, surveyed 16 wells to be restored. This is real #waterismore action, and it happens to come as we gear up for the 10th anniversary of our very first well on July 28th!

Chiefs, government ministers, Bishop Taban and myself

Chiefs, government ministers, Bishop Taban and myself

To help you journey with us to July 28th, we will be sending a brief update on our history every few days. Nothing too intense, a snack really, but hopefully you will get as excited as we are about what we have accomplished together.

BTW, we aren’t done yet! We are gearing up for another decade by renovating both rigs, buying a new compressor, a new land cruiser, two used 4x4 work trucks and a complete new beefed-up rig. $60,000 was given just this month towards the total cost of $274,000.

Now is the time to consider a gift to this campaign. Something over and above, an investment in our next decade of hope-giving, well drilling, nation-building. Just click the Water is Basic 10 Year logo here.

Help us celebrate our 10th year by reading these updates, giving to our campaign, and attending one of several 10th Anniversary Tour Events to be announced. We are on a long journey...

Thank you for 10 years of building a nation together!

Steve and the entire crew here in the U.S. and South Sudan